Allegations Against Pacquiao Makes You Wonder!

Written by: Leon Strathers
There has been speculation of Manny Pacquiao using illegal drugs (PED’s). Boxing is a very serious sport. It’s not like baseball, football, basketball, tennis. It’s a sport where you are punching your opponent trying to knock him out! I have been wondering several things as I have listened and observed. Here are some issues that must be considered an looked at very carefully.
I’m imploring for the “so called” gentleman good guy of the sport to man up and take the olympic style blood test square on the chin just as he has takened to right crosses. A congressman/boxer whom refuses to take the test citing that he’s afraid of needles (but yet is a warrior), he’s afraid to lose blood but yet he is bloodied often times during his fights. To those delusional fans of Mr. Pacquiao himself.

Why not demand that your “squeaky clean” good guy prove the bad guys wrong by standing up and submitting to the olympic style testing ? Just evaluate this – The bad guy(Floyd) is up for the testing, but the good guy is against it. You go figure what’s what with that. Deceit is transparent however, you must open your eyes (all three) to see some things. Only in the sport of boxing can you claim to be a fearless warrior but yet in the same breath you say that you are afraid of needles.

Only in the sport of boxing are you delegated as the p4p diva/king and eight class champion but yet make significantly less than Money Mayweather who doesn’t even hold a current belt. Only in boxing and in a world that claims to be prosecuting a war on drugs will you find the guy that is calling for the test a ducker and on the other hand the diva that’s refusing the test is held as a hero and role model. With antics such as the aforementioned as a guide, I now fathom with a clearer understanding what’s wrong with the world.

No one thinks, well almost no one. As I have stated on so many occasions before, the numbers don’t lie. Floyd racked up in one fight more than Manny has done in his last three. Explain that one. The only athlete that made more this year was Tiger Woods – yes, you read it right Tiger Woods. One fight, in one year and Manny the p4p queen is still way behind. Since when does a congressman refuse a drug test and remain in good standing. Only drug dealers and users have fear of olympic style drug tests. The “so called” bad guy (Floyd) is for testing (and is berated for it) while the “so-called” good guy/congressman is adamantly against the testing. But the hypocrit and his trainer will demand drug testing for Mosely. What hypocrisy.

What if your President Barack Obama refused a random drug test or your spouse for that matter, would you hold them suspect? Of course you would. What kind of example is the congressman/boxer setting by balking at the testing? The “bad guy” accepts but the “good guy ducks and refuses. Bear in mind that Freddie Roach has had fighters before that have used banned substances. Floyd agreed to an unprecedented $10 million per pound penalty, the 8 oz. glove demand as well as a 50/50 purse split. But Pacquiao wouldn’t yield to just one demand from Floyd. I now know who ducked who and why. A warrior with tattoos who happens to be afraid of needles and losing blood although he bleeds in a good number of his fights. How pathetic ? A government official unwilling to be tested!

I don’t care who you are, but smaller athletes simply don’t go up in weight an dominate bigger guys. Pacman has more power and a better chin at higher weights. To me that should bring suspicion from a guy who didn’t take a punch well in any of the lower weights.

All Pacman fans will never question him. They just buy his ticket and ppv and don’t care if he is clean or not as long as he performs and continue to dominate limited guys.

I watched baseball and I always felt that Alex Rodriguez, Jason Giambi, Roger Clemens, Brady Anderson, Sammy Sosa, Mark McGwire an Manny Ramirez  were on steroids. Look how Alex Rodriguez looks more human now that he was caught. Jeter is not the same anymore. But at one time he hit 20 plus homers and 35 plus doubles. Now he is a singles hitter.

in this era of rampant illegal performance enhancing drug use, NO professional athlete in any sport, regardless of their skill level, should be above suspicion — that’s one of the unfortunate effects of all those who cheated, lied about cheating and then were forced by the evidence to admit that they HAD lied and cheated — no reason to think that boxers are somehow exempt from any of this, including Manny.

Amir Khan’s defense of himself & Pacquiao(on illegal drug allegations)is so lame!! Khan says “Why don’t people say Maidana is on something because the power he has got is mad? He has got power that not many fighters have.” Maybe because Maidana has always had that power & has been more or less the same fighter from day one. But it’s weird that when fighters lack’s certain ability’s like power, strength, speed, resistance or the ability to take a punch, as soon as they start training at the “Wild Card” with Roach & Ariza as their conditioning coach all that changes drastically.

Especially the power an being able to withstand hard punches!! For example look at Pacquiao, before Roach & Ariza he got KO’d twice & ever since Ariza started as his conditioning coach he’s gone up 40 pounds & his physical aspect hasn’t changed much except that he’s bulkier an is way faster than before has more power and now Pacquiao could get hit with a hammer an he’ll take it and will come back swinging! Pacquiao is scared of needles, c’mon!! He has a number of tattoos & even admitted that his 1st tattoo he did himself with a sewing needle!! Yet other fighters go up a couple of pounds & they are not the same, they either look heavy or they loose their speed or their power, or both!!

As Trinidad went up in weight, he didn’t have the same KO power he had as a welter & jr middle & De La Hoya looked sluggish & didn’t have any power as a Middleweight & Mosley was blasting fighters away as a lightweight, but as a welter & jr middle he was fast but didn’t have that explosive KO power he had as a lightweight & Camacho Sr that as a jr lightweight & Lightweight was lightning fast yet a couple of pounds up at jr welter & welterweight that speed he once had wasn’t really there. Khan got annihilated by Prescott in the 1st round & ever since then Prescott has fought 5 times & has scored ONLY 1 tko victory an has lost 2 unanimous decision an split decision.

Now Khan manage to withstand a lot of hard shots from Maidana(who is a very solid puncher)  and he did not go down plus manged to win. Another example is the feather fisted Malignaggi who in the past critized the hell out of the “Wild Card” and has accused Roach & Ariza of giving P.E.D’s to Pacquiao & Khan an has even said “I WANT SOME OF WHAT EVER THEY ARE TAKING, CAUSE THAT STUFF IS GOOD!” now Malignaggi who practically just started training at the “Wild Card” and before “Wild Card” hadn’t scored a stoppage since 2003. By coincidence he just happen to scored a tko stoppage the other day(the 18th of this month to be exact)!!!  Do you remember when James Toney came out positive for steroids he was traininng with Roach! Stuff like that does raise eyebrows an leaves people wondering.  Shame on ALL Sanctioning bodies, All boxing commissions, Shame on All fans that do not want to know if their favorite fighter or athlete is clean and is not cheating.

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  1. PLAY BY THE RULES. As far as I can tell Manny is willing to follow the rules of profesional boxing. ther are many out there that want to confuse this fact by insinuating that other rules imply. the only thing I see here is someone hididing behind fabricated rules. get the rules changed or fight or shut up.

    Allan | Dec 27, 2010 | Reply

  2. you can’t play by the rules if others are cheating. pacman is a steroid user, why is it that he couldn’t take a test to prove that he is clean for his pactard fans? Guilty in my mind!

    bigsty | Dec 27, 2010 | Reply

  3. This is the stupidest pachater post…

    Pacman never said he is afraid o needles… Arum said so not Pacman… What Pacman said is “taking blood from him right before the fight makes him weaker”. He does not speak fluent english, from what he implied with the word “weaker” is “not hundred percent” into the fight…

    Do you want to go into the fight not 100% ready? He even agreed to have the test right after the fight…. what difference does it make? Are you implying that he is using drugs that disapper right after the last ring bells or one of the fighters get knocked out…????

    so so so stupid article…

    RAMBO_TAN | Jan 6, 2011 | Reply

  4. having more PPV does not always mean you are the best…

    It might mean 2 things:

    – you are the best
    – or the people have been fooled all along

    Pacquiao does not come from the US!!!

    He came from a 3rd world country… whom I believe almost 1/2 of Americans have not heard the place Philippines…. Majority of PPV comes from the US fans…

    Having that in mind… Manny is doing way better that Floyd…. if Floyd where a Filipino and came from the 3rd world country…. would he achieve the same status as pacman right now… I dont think so…. I dont even think he can survive the streets of Philippines….

    Pacman is way up there…. dispite of his background…. he is able to reach this height…. even to the point that mayweather is losing his mind thinking how to avoid… Pacman even got into the veins of people like you…

    You guys just cant accept that other race are also that good… or even better that Floyd….

    RAMBO_TAN | Jan 6, 2011 | Reply

  5. Why don’t all you filipinos want Pacroid to come CLEAN and take the RANDOM BLOOD test to show you he’s clean? hahaha Check out “ALLEGATIONS AGAINST PACQUIAO? MAKES? YOU WONDER” on rightcrossentertainment dot come hahaha it tells all on Pacroid…hahaha I don’t expect for? Pactards to? check it out because they want to? play blind like the dumb fuks they are. i know? 100% that Pacroid is a PED user. Why don’t you guys want him to come CLEAN!! You are afraid because you already have nothing!!

    bxalldy | Jan 10, 2011 | Reply

  6. Pacquiao? is scared of needles, c’mon!! He has a number of tattoos & even admitted that his 1st tattoo he did himself with a sewing needle!!

    c strait | Jan 10, 2011 | Reply

  7. Early in Pacroids career he has shown stages? of being? a coward. Great fighters don’t do this.? Pacroid was 16-1 in his pro career, he fought? a guy? 0-2. Name? me any GREAT?? fighter that would fight a guy like that? hahaha Great? fighters don’t fight 0-2?? guys in there 18th? pro fight..Floyd would? NEVER do some bullshit? like that. That’s sign of a coward!! Being a Coward is? in the DNA of Pacroid!! How does? it? feel to you idiots that Pacroid is fighting? all of Floyd’s leftovers.

    bxalldy | Jan 10, 2011 | Reply

  8. Nothing *Pac does from this point on will erase the stink of him totally refusing random drug testing. Honest fans know the reason the Floyd fight never happened. *Pac will always receive critcism from everyone outside? of the Phillipines because EVERYONE knows he’s a PED user!!!! Pac is a HYPE. A marketing Illusion. His skills are not good, his style is the same. He has learned nothing.

    badass | Jan 10, 2011 | Reply



    Cadillac D | Jan 10, 2011 | Reply

  10. Don’t you think it’s unfair that pacquaio can cherry pick his way and get the 154 vacant belt but he can’t defend that title a gainst a 154 fighter. You call that being a warrior.

    That’s why boxing should never allow catchweight for any title fight, unless you are willing to fight and defend that title against fighters who have waited their turn, Like Williams, Martinez and other 154 pound ranked boxers.

    Pacquiao won’t because that what cherry picking fake champions do.

    Pacfan No more | Jan 10, 2011 | Reply


    1. Sugar Shane Mosley
    2. Rematch with Miguel Cotto or winner of Cotto & Mayorga
    3. Rematch with Clottey
    4. Rematch for 3rd figth with Miguel Cotto
    5. Rematch with Sugar Shane Mosley

    What a JOKE!!

    Rome | Jan 10, 2011 | Reply

  12. Arum will milk Pacquiao for all he’s worth until he’s exposed.

    dog | Jan 10, 2011 | Reply

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