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Rappin’ With Right Cross: “Melinda Cooper” »

Melinda Cooper has no nickname she’s cool, calm and real smooth in the ring. Once you have seen her fight you would leave the arena calling her the real deal, she is one of the baddest females to ever lace up a pair of gloves. She’s a very talented 24 year old young lady who […]

Rappin’ With Right Cross: “Lethal” Lindsay Garbatt” »

Right Cross Entertainment had the pleasure to interview a very talented young lady who we think is going to do some very good things as a professional boxer. Her name is “Lethal” Lindsay Garbatt. She is a very strong and exciting fighter that whoever is in the ring with her knows that they are in […]

Rappin’ With Right Cross: Interview With S’Kati Katz »

S’Kati Katz is a new professional female boxer that’s making a name for herself and she has made her way to Austin, Texas and now is being trained by Ann Wolfe.