Crawford-Diaz Quotes!

Undefeated World Junior Welterweight Champion and top pound for pound fighter Terence “Bud” Crawford (30-0, 21 KOs) and Olympic gold medalist and top-rated contender Felix Diaz (19-1, 9 KOs) spoke about their upcoming May 20th fight at Madison Square Garden.

Terence Crawford: “I am very excited for this fight and looking forward to fighting in the big arena where all of the greats have fought. I am looking to put on a great show next week.

“When you are at the top of the division, everyone wants to fight the guy at the top, especially when they can get their name out there to boost their ratings. I didn’t take it as nothing really.

“Yes, of course, I never ran away from any challenge. He’s got the skills, he’s a good fighter, he is an Olympic Gold Medalist and this is the fight that a lot of people were calling for, and we are here now.

“It was a real close fight. Lamont was the favorite in that fight and he did what he had to do to get the job done, and this fight could be different.
We shall see. A lot of people look a the fights and ask who will bring out the best in Terence Crawford, who is going to bring out this in Terence Crawford – we want to see Terence Crawford in these types of fights. But again, I make my adjustments and it’s just that. So we are going to have to see how the fight is going to go or what is going to happen. I just fight the fight.”

Felix Diaz: “I called out Terence because Terence is the best in the division. It is a big opportunity for me to fight at Madison Square Garden against Terence Crawford.

“With his style, I know I can beat Terence Crawford. Crawford has fought no one like me. Stylistically, I can beat him.

“I am definitely motivated that I am being overlooked and that I am the underdog. But I have my own plans. I am going to destroy Top Rank’s plans.

“I learned a lot in that fight and got the experience of fighting one of the great fighters in the division. It is great to have the experience to go in there and go 12 rounds with that guy. Adapting to each fighter is different for each fight but having that experience of 12 tough rounds will really help me.

“There is going to be a difference. I feel a lot stronger at 140. If you look you will notice that every person I fought at 140, I knocked them out, except for Granados, who I knocked down twice (rounds 9 & 10).”

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