Delahoya “This Is The Biggest Fight In Mexican History!


(Photo by: Golden Boy)

Former two-division world champion Canelo Alvarez (48-1-1, 34 KOs) and Julio Cesar Chavez, Jr. (50-2-1, 32 KOs) today hosted the final press conference ahead of their PPV showdown on Saturday in Las Vegas. Below is what they had to say at today’s final press conference:

Canelo Alvarez: “On my behalf, I’m going to do everything on my side to make this one of the most historic fights in Mexico. We will be ready on Saturday. Every fight is very important to my career, and this fight is no exception. I’m very happy the fight is here on Saturday.”

Julio Cesar Chavez, Jr: “I feel ready and happy that the fight is only a few days away. I came here to win, not just to fight. Everything has already been said; we’ve all spoken; and I’m here to win this great fight on Saturday, May 6.”

Promoter Oscar de la Hoya: “People know this is an all-out action-packed war. We haven’t had a fight like this in years; it’s a true Mexican civil war. Given the obvious Cinco de Mayo date and the bad blood between the boxers, I think it is safe to say this is the biggest fight in Mexican history. To give you an idea of how big this event is, let me give you some numbers. This will be the most attended indoor fight in the storied Las Vegas fight history with more than 20,000 in attendance. The fight sold out in 10 days, and we opened up more circuit-viewing theaters for everyone to watch on fight night in Las Vegas at MGM properties. Fight fans in six continents will be able to watch the fight with the HBO platform and streamed live on giving anyone with a phone or laptop the ability to watch.”

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